IP Video technology, Access Control, Remote Access, Data Sharing and more. We provide integrated technology with advanced features that go beyond imagination. Best of all... All softwares are made in USA by our company and are secured with strong password and frequent updates.

A Complete Managed Security Service. End-to-end managed security approach allows you to focus on your core business while we monitor and maintain your security. Our priority at Delivering Systems Group is to save cost for our clients. We will meet and beat any price with additional offerings. Once you call us, we will make the deal.


Solutions based on an expert assessment of your unique environment and situation. We design the entire integrated infrastructure to fit your building design and budget needs. We work closely with design teams to integrate the technologies selected through careful programming into the build phase

Because of low hardware footprint, Delivering Systems Group technology enables quick installation. We implement our designs using industry best practices, with minimal business interruption. We can build open, standardized systems suited to you.





Our cloud ecosystem enables you to do much more than just remote view. With Delivering Systems Group technology it's very easy to grab and manage IP video data within you organization, or even multiple organization.

Delivering Systems Group cloud recording technology makes data retention limitation a thing of past. Digital matrix to provide smooth distribution of all your video content in full HD.

Watch, playback and do much more on any device, anywhere and anytime. Tying everything together is the key to a client's satisfaction and where we truly stand out.

Delivering Systems Group's dedicated account manager works as your main point of contact.




We strengthen your business continuity plans with redundancy in power, connectivity, support coverage, and data storage. Inherent resiliency provides our clients with superior security while providing the quickest and best response in a crisis situation.

Delivering Systems Group technical support team is  here to help with all technical support issues. System operates in peak condition because we repair, replace, and warranty our products – including free ongoing software upgrades.

Ultimately, with Delivering Systems Group you will end up saving by utilizing our cost effective services and latest cloud technology. Think change.

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