Audio Video systems

Audio Video Systems

AV and Multimedia


We work closely with design teams to integrate the technologies selected through careful programming into the build phase - from corporate headquarters and educational facilities to medical environments.

Our AV and multimedia consultants provide creative design solutions and specification guidance to make the places we work, play, worship and live more functional, collaborative environment. Our speaker system brings your audio to vibrant life.

1. Networked multimedia.

2. Digital retrieval.

3. Network command and emergency operations center.

4. User interface.

5. Interactive Digital Signage.

Our staff of expert designers and engineers are ready to tailor solution as per the requirement of facility.




Systems Integration


Video Wall

Digital matrix to provide smooth distribution of all your video content in full HD.

Tying everything together is the key to a client's satisfaction and where we truly stand out.

A center piece of Delivering Systems Group experience is the development of custom video wall of Digital Signage solution.

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